Friday, June 11, 2010


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Concord Free Press is experimenting with “generosity based publishing” and they are taking us, along with other independent bookstores, along for the ride. They have supplied us with copies of their fourth book to give away to all those interested in participating. The concept is simple: pick up a copy of the book, make a voluntary donation to a charity or person in need, chart your donation on their website, and then pass the book along to someone else so the giving keeps going.

The donations are posted online so it’s exciting to chart the progress of the books. It’s fascinating to see what causes are important to our customers and who they choose to donate to. If you like this idea, you can make a donation to this small publisher so they can keep the idea going. They also have t-shirts and posters for sale on their website. If you live outside of Wisconsin, you can
find a participating bookstore near you.

Let’s help Concord Free Press connect reading and giving like never before!

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