Friday, December 7, 2007

Socks Save Christmas

In storybooks, holidays are a time of peace and joy. Families come together from miles around to celebrate and the children’s excitement can hardly be contained. Reality may be a little different, however. Holidays can be a time of stress and money woes or of loneliness. For whatever reason, I have always struggled with the holiday blues, but I found some sure fire ways to make the season more bearable.

The first is by giving. No matter how bad things seem, there is always someone worse off. By giving of my money, time, or talent during the holiday season it helps me feel better about myself. This weekend is a gift wrap party at the store to wrap all the books generously donated by the community to less fortunate children. Check out what’s going on in your local area. You are sure to find organizations that desperately need your help whether to purchase or wrap gifts, cook food or deliver to the hungry, or to sing carols to the elderly. Be selfish this holiday season by making yourself feel great – GIVE!

Another great way to fight off the holiday blues is to read the satire Skipping Christmas by John Grisham. Sure, Luther and Nora Krank, a typical middle-aged American couple who are fed up with the overblown holiday traditions, are not unlike some of us. However, the problems and solutions are hysterical when they happen to someone else! You do not have to feel guilty about laughing at this fictional couple and the struggles they face. I could not help but laugh out loud and that is an unusual sound to hear from me this time of year.

When all else fails, the answer is socks. I believe the world would be a much happier place if everyone owned a pair of fuzzy purple socks or socks so thick you can barely squeeze them into your shoes. Even the worst of days can be turned around by wiggling into rainbow toe socks.

What about you? Do you have a sure fire way to beat the holiday blues?