Friday, March 7, 2008

Time Warp

Last Friday was Leap Day , an event which occurs every four years. You would think having that extra day would allow me to get my blog written on time. Unfortunately, last week another once-every- four-year occurrence took place. I got sick. My loving husband decided to share the dreaded flu with me after I so thoughtfully pointed out what babies men are when sick. Of course I had to get it twice as bad and for twice as long as he did, and yet, I don’t whine half as much. Sure, I curl into a ball and play dead, but at least he doesn’t have to listen to me whine.
Now this weekend Daylight Saving Time begins. I have heard many a foolish individual talk about the lost hour of sleep, which I fail to understand. Okay, so before going to bed on Saturday I need to turn my clock ahead one hour. Sunday is my one and only day off, so does it matter when I decide to get up? Personally, I will be losing an hour of my day, definitely not an hour of my precious sleep time!

First we gain a day then we lose an hour. I feel as though I am living Einstein’s Dreams! Tomorrow will I wake up in yesterday or will I blink and find myself living next year? Why is it that the older I get the faster time flies? Is there a point when it slows down again? What do you think?