Friday, March 21, 2008

Heaven and Dreams

Yesterday I had a regular customer stop in to tell me he absolutely loved the book he purchased last week, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. He was so enthusiastic about this F Scott Fitzgerald satire, which he read on the bus during a school field trip, that he passed it on to a teacher and also promised to let a friend read it next. This very animated teen did a brilliant job of describing the story just enough to draw interest without giving away too much information. Not an easy task with a 64 page short story.

Can you figure out why this picture is included other than the obvious fact that anyone would enjoy looking at a shirtless Brad?

I remember the year I read The Five People You Meet in Heaven and went out the very same day to purchase a copy for my sister. Or the year both my brother and father received Einstein's Dreams for their birthdays.

There are some books which remind me of a certain friend or family member and there are others I am eager to share with everyone I know.
Have you read any books lately that you just could not wait to share?