Friday, April 1, 2011

What Would You Do...

Lately there have been many inspiring stories about what a community would do to save their independent bookstore. I am wondering how far you would go to save yours. I don’t mean by pledging to purchase five more books this year , although in reality that is a great idea! I’m thinking more along the lines of the Klondike Bar commercials, only book or bookstore related.

So, let's see how creative you can be! 
Include the name of your favorite independent bookstore and/or book.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Return to Titletown

If you love your man
as much as he loves the Packers,
we just received the perfect Valentine's Day gift!

Stop in and pick up a copy or order online while supplies last!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Fresh Start

In the final quarter of 2010 I slipped a bit on keeping up with the blog.  Now it is a new year with a chance to start fresh.  So, for 2011 my goal is to write humorous and witty blog posts about the things that interest you the most each and every Friday.  They will be so brilliant you will eagerly anticipate each new post and share with all of your friends.

Not today, of course.  Today I have piles of books to enter and displays to change, phone calls to make and customers to help.  Just too much to do today, but next Friday for sure.  Unless next Friday is the same as today and I just can’t find the time.  But the Friday after that for sure!