Friday, January 4, 2008

A Great New Year

The new year is here. Where has the time gone? In case you haven’t noticed, I seem to have misplaced a week of my life. I completely missed last week’s blog. I was so busy trying to come up with a new year’s resolution I could not find the time to write even one word. What will it be this year? Should I vow to give up smoking, eating, drinking, or swearing like 99% of the world or shall I be more creative? If I give up all of my vices I may be too perfect and become the most hated person in America. This year’s resolution should be to become more Maybe next year. This year I think I will try to become less of a procrastinator.

2008 will be a great year, though. How can it not when I have Steven King's latest, Duma Key, to look forward to?

John Grisham also has a new legal thriller coming out this month. The Appeal will be the first since The Broker in 2005.

Next month I look forward to diving into 7th Heaven by James Patterson. The TV series occasionally keeps me entertained on a Friday night, however, it is on hiatus until the end of the writer's strike. Nothing compares to curling up with a good book anyway.

How about you? What do you look forward to reading in 2008?