Friday, March 27, 2009

To Be a Book

Did you ever wish you were a book? This is completely different from wishing your life were like a storybook. Who hasn’t wished they were Stephanie Plum or Jane Eyre? I mean did you ever wish you were literally a book?

I have wished to be one of my cats once or twice as they lounged around the house. I have wished to be my pillow on many cold winter mornings. I’ve spent half my life wishing I could fly like a bird. I’m pretty sure this fantasy of being a book is a first for me.

This week I have sent books to California (I hear it is warm there) and New York City (I consider myself a small town gal by choice, but there is nothing wrong with new experiences). A used hardcover went to France (Paris!!) and a paperback bestseller to Australia (How can you not melt when you hear that accent??). If I could only travel with them! If I hand deliver these books I could use that as a business write off, couldn't I?