Friday, August 29, 2008


For me Labor Day signifies the end of summer. The six postcards I received in the mail this week reminding me to have my two kids at the bus stop ten minutes early along with offers to have care packages sent to my college student (how can I miss him enough to send a care package while I am still trying to figure out how we are going to get a futon, fridge, TV, mountain bike and five people in our compact car?) have assured me that yes, summer is over and I missed it completely. Why is it that when the kids were in grade school the end of summer couldn’t arrive soon enough and when they are in college it’s gone in a flash?

Can summer really be over? I haven’t taken the Jet Ski out since July…of 2007. Why did I purchase a fishing license this year? I don’t even remember what fresh perch tastes like. Do we still own a tent for our once was weekly camping trips? My stack of summer reading seems to have grown and now my goal is to read 37 books a day over the next 3 days to get them finished before tackling fall’s mountain. Summer can’t be over!!

Help me out here!

What books have you read this summer that just can’t be missed?

Which can I safely pass on?