Friday, March 12, 2010

What are you reading?

“What are you reading?”

Sometimes what should be such a simple question is so difficult to answer. More often than not what I am reading has absolutely nothing to do with what I would like to be reading.

There is a pile of books by authors and publishers that I offered to read and review, foolishly thinking I could fit this into my schedule. There is another pile customers have been inquiring about. How can I give an honest assessment on a book I haven’t read? Reviews by others do make this task a little simpler, which is why the BayShore Bookworms began. Members choose one book a month, supplied by BayShore Books, to read and review. This benefits all of us since I can’t possibly read every new book set to be released and the members can choose subjects they have an interest in without paying hardcover prices.

My last book tower is new titles by authors I already know and love. Unfortunately these must be viewed as the lowest priority. I can recommend the latest installment based on my knowledge of the author and his or her previous work. This is the reality that is hardest to handle, though.

So, what am I reading right now? A book that must be completed and reviewed by the end of the month. I don’t remember the author or title, but I will by time I’m done with it. After that? This month’s book club pick, which I have been anxious to read since its release in hardcover – a year ago. What do I wish I were reading?