Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Going to be a Bright Sunshiny Day

The sun is shining and it looks like another beautiful day. Occasionally I feel like I am missing out by being in the store all day every day. What a feeling it must be to feel the sun warming your winter weary face!

Times like these I tend to spend a few minutes each morning browsing the shelves and making a mental list of what I look forward to reading and deciding what to order for seasonal regulars. I know summer has arrived when these long lost friends return after eight or nine month of travels to exotic places such as college or Arizona.

The college students are bubbling with excitement at the prospect of choosing the first book they have time to read for purely enjoyment in almost a year. Many have lists they have been building since the first week away at school. They choose one or two books on their list, foolishly believing that will last the summer, only to return a couple of days later.

The snowbirds have guided their RVs back to an area that is finally warm enough to welcome them. The stories they tell would be enough to fill the shelves in this bookseller’s mind! Like how they tie a snow shovel to the top of their trailer to decide where to set up camp. "When someone asks what that thing is, we know we are safe!" The excitement of packing up everything they own after retirement to spend their days living in a trailer roughly the size of a tool shed and chasing the sunshine is contagious. They set out to meet new people and visit new places. Which reminds me why I am here. I can do those things from the comfort of this little shop. Given the choice, there is no where else I would rather be.