Friday, July 23, 2010

Books to Babies

One week ago today I became a grandma. I know what you are thinking – I’m waaaaaaaay too young to be a grandmother and you would be right. My first born is on the verge of passing me up in age.

Packing baby and new mommy up to come home from the hospital after an extended stay we all felt a little apprehensive. It’s been a few years since we had a baby in the house. The hospital did what they could to help with the transition by sending us home with everything we would need – a folder full of information, a t-shirt from the hospital, and baby’s first book.

Our hospital, in partnership with the local school district, started a Books to Babies program to spread the word about the importance of reading to newborns right from the start. Each newborn is sent home with a book and brochures about the benefits of reading to baby.

Like the folder full of information, we followed these instructions right from the beginning. Baby and mommy both have trouble staying awake during story time, but it gives them an opportunity to cuddle. When grandpa reads he adds in the animal sounds. The entire family perks up and listens in - what kind of noise could he possibly come up with for the gerbil?

We don’t have much to offer a newborn, we are merely bookstore owners, but we have plenty of love and books – lots and lots of books. Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny are coming home tonight. Mommy put in a request for Pat the Bunny– with the stuffed bunny of course. Starting today and for the rest of his life, we will be building his personal library one book at a time. Any suggestions?