Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Not Nice to Play Favorites

If you stopped in at BayShore Books this week I’m sure you noticed a mess in the back. With any luck our latest project will be complete by the end of the weekend. Of course we aren’t known for our abundance of luck. I promise, the new shelves will be up by the time you are ready to begin your holiday shopping for sure! Maybe not. I received our first holiday order today. If my favorite customers let me know they are placing an order for a gift, I am more than happy to have their order wrapped and ready for pick up within a few days. Are you one of my favorites that qualify for free gift wrapping? There is only one way to find out– place your order today and let me know if you are ordering gifts!

I’m not ready to think about Christmas yet. Let me get through Halloween first! Not that I have much choice – the holiday orders have been arriving for weeks already. It’s not too late to order more, though. So…

What gifts are you hoping to give and/or receive this holiday season?
If you help me out by following the BayShore Blog I promise not to begin playing the holiday music for at least another week!