Friday, November 30, 2007

Magic or Mayhem

The Teen Book Club selection for November was Will of the Empress by Tamora Pierce. The magical powers, which the main characters possess, led to quite a discussion - not only in the book group, but among family and friends as well. Without giving away too much information, I will admit that Tris's magic fascinates me the most. If you haven't read any of the Circle Opens or Circle of Magic quartets yet, I urge you to rush to your local independent bookstore to pick up the entire series for your winter reading enjoyment.
If I were fortunate enough to possess magical powers or super hero abilities, I would choose the ability to fly. Oh, to soar above the earth on velvet soft wings- I envy Max and the gang!

Another group member’s greatest wish is to read minds. I believe that would be very troubling. Would the complete silence drive me mad?

A family member would like to bring back the dead For One More Day. I would think it would be too difficult to have to say good-bye once again.

What about you? If you could possess one magical power,
which would you choose?