Friday, September 11, 2009


I’m currently engrossed in a book that has captured my attention so completely that I came into work an hour late twice this week. Well, late for me, still an hour before we actually open. It’s a book I’m psyched about discussing and sharing. So, what’s the title? I can’t tell you. . . or I may have to kill you.

Not really, but sometimes it feels that way. You see, the book hasn’t been released yet. Many publishers send booksellers advance reading copies to generate excitement. Once in awhile a single book will arrive in the mail that I feel honored to have in my possession before anyone else. More often than not they include a note from the publisher or wonder of all wonders, the author himself! Unfortunately, they always misspell my name. My name is spelled with a C. Many acquaintances spell it with a K. You would think book people would be able to get my name right, but they never come close. Dear Reader or Bookseller isn’t even close to Dear Cathy! My excitement over the coveted title allows me to forgive easily enough.

The question I struggle with is whether or not to review a book before the release date. Who does that really benefit? Possibly the evil A, but not likely independent bookstores. Other than the Harry Potter and Twilight set, not many orders come before publication. Is it possible that customers don’t realize they can order from independent bookstores and receive that highly anticipated book on the release date without paying shipping? No! It can’t be! Not with all the promoting we do – signs in the store, blurbs in our newsletters, offers to order anything we don’t have in stock. There must be some other mysterious reason.

For now, I will keep my latest and greatest find to myself. At least until I finish the book to make sure the ending lives up to my extremely high standards. However, if you happen to guess the title of the November release, I may reveal the truth...

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