Friday, February 22, 2008

Describe Your Life in Six Words

Can you describe your life in six words?

The editors of Smith magazine asked hundreds of writers, both famous and obscure, to boil down their lives to only six words. The result is the new book, Not Quite What I was Planning. Sound easy? Think again! I’ve found it is much easier to come up with six words about someone else than yourself. Take my family for instance. My shy, quiet child with good grades can now be described as If I only had a brain. Then there is my perfectly normal chocolate loving dimpled darling who is now a purple-haired, boy-crazy, moody teen. My accident waiting to happen little boy is now a hockey playing smart a** honor student. As for myself? I suppose I can’t write, so I sell may be accurate, or It’s on my “to read” pile. Most likely, If kids read blog, big trouble!!

How about you? Can you describe your life in six words?

Need a few suggestions? Check out this great
article by Henry Alford.

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