Friday, August 14, 2009

Books for Health

My son dropped me off at the store this morning on his way to the doctor. Nothing serious, he just smashed his thumb – 4 days ago. Typical mother, I wanted to take him in and hold his hand while he was examined. Typical 20 year old, he didn’t want his mother any where near him. After close to three hours he was back at the store giving me an update. THREE HOURS!

Suddenly I was grateful that he didn’t need me with him. Who wouldn’t rather sit in a bookstore for three hours than a doctor’s office? Oddly enough, shortly after having this thought, I found myself on
Book Exposure’s blog reading a post by historical fiction author Jessica James titled 5 reasons why visiting a bookstore can be good for your health.

Ron Hogan of
Galleycat pointed out the fact that reading a book helps you feel better about yourself and now Jessica helps us to get into better physical shape by visiting a bookstore. Luckily I spend all day everyday at a bookstore. I shouldn't have to spend three hours in a doctor's office any time soon!

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