Friday, July 24, 2009

Not the Norm in Wisconsin...Honest!

Attention customers:

I read a mystery book by a popular author and I didn’t approve. There was a MURDER involved! How shocking! Therefore, I am eliminating all mystery books from the store immediately. I am also demanding that the library do likewise. I ask that everyone that currently has a title from this genre in their possession to join us in a public book burning to wipe out these types of books from our fair city.

Ridiculous, isn’t it?

This is basically the stance a couple in West Bend is taking. They objected to some of the content in the young adult section of their local library, so they petitioned the library board to remove the books in question. The city council voted against renewing the terms of four library board members for dragging their feet on the issue.

By time the library board met, both sides of the debate had collected more than 1,000 signatures backing their position and dozens of residents spoke at the meeting. Thankfully, the board voted unanimously to keep their policies the same.

This dispute caught the attention of four Milwaukee area men who filed a claim against West Bend calling for one of the library's books to be publicly burned, along with financial damages. The men claim their mental and emotional well being was damaged by a book at the library.

The librarians should most definitely be fired.
How dare they force this couple from West Bend and these men from Milwaukee to read the books in question!

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