Friday, March 28, 2008

Mind Over Matter

An out of breath customer rushed through the door recently and requested Grisham's latest. As I fondly placed a copy of The Appeal in her hands, she exclaimed, “My pocketbook demands the paperback!”

When a local teen requested Twilight, I walked her to the Teen Book Club shelf where the paperback is displayed. “I already read it,” explained the
Stephenie Meyer fan, “but I want the whole series in hardcover.”

I can’t possibly wait until
Nicholas Sparks’ latest comes out in paperback, so the hardcover is a must. In fact, there about half a dozen authors I can’t wait a year or more for. Paperbacks are much easier to throw in my purse, pack in my luggage or read in front of a campfire. Hardcover books can be so cumbersome to read in bed; however the print is friendlier to tired eyes.

Hardcover versus paperback. It’s undeniably a conundrum.
What do you think?

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