Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Days Are Here Again!

Good morning fellow book lovers!
And what a wonderful morning it is. For the first time in months I was able to skip across the beautiful (albeit cracked and sunken) blacktop of our parking lot without gliding across the ice rink or wading through the lake of melted snow. The sun is shining and I expect a robin to land on my shoulder and serenade me at any moment.

Okay, I realize the picture doesn't exactly fit this description - Robins are the first sign of spring in Wisconsin and I don't sing, so that leaves it up to the bird.

Now if I can only discover a book to match my mood. In honor of
St. Patrick’s Day on Monday, our book club choice this month is The Gathering by Anne Enright and although beautifully written, the first half of the book, which I have read so far, is not exactly uplifting. Normally when I need a chuckle I pick up the latest Janet Evanovich, however, I’m looking for something a little more profound for our next book club meeting. Our last five choices provoked deep discussions and were acceptably stimulating for a book club, but cheerful subjects they were not!

What can you suggest for a title which will leave us rolling and yet leave enough to discuss in our next book club meeting?

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