Friday, September 14, 2007

Fall Reading

Fall is here! Okay, maybe not officially, but I consider it to be fall when the weather man says I may need a "light jacket". In my case this usually means wearing long underwear, a turtleneck, and a hooded sweatshirt and still suffering through uncontrollable shivering. This occurs when the temperature falls below a chilly 60 degrees, which here in Wisconsin may occur anytime between July and October.

This morning while struggling to squeeze a damp foot into a wool sock, I began thinking about what a new season means as far as my reading habits are concerned. Obviously, as a bookseller books are never far from my thoughts. In the past I believe I actually read more in the summer months while laying outside absorbing the sunlight. Was that really my life? I don't remember enjoying that activity, or non-activity, as it certainly is, even once this year. Although, I do remember reading quite a few exciting new releases.

However, so far in September my reading has definitely increased. It's quite possibly due to my growing book lists that I will finish sometime in this lifetime, or possibly due to my increased waiting time. With school beginning again, there was plenty of waiting time in the dentist office, on the college campus, and after football practice.

This week I rushed through the ending of Ricochet by Sandra Brown in my haste to begin James Patterson's latest, You've Been Warned. Despite every intention of savoring this intense novel, I inhaled it in a day and a half. Not a typical James Patterson, but definitely a page turner until the very end. This morning after seeing the school bus round the corner I was finally able to bring my journey with Steve Martin and Born Standing Up to a satisfying end. Unfortunately you will not be able to say the same for another three months when the touching and humorous autobiography will be published.

Now it's your turn. Do you tend to read more or less as the weather turns colder? Have you read anything life changing or mind altering lately?

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